13 May, 2016

Climate Controlled Storage vs Non Climate Controlled


Climate Controlled

Climate-controlled storage units are typically kept within a temperature range between 55 and 85 degrees (F). This keeps the storage unit from reaching high and low temperatures without regulation.  Without temperature control, temperature-sensitive items like electronics, artwork, and furniture.

Non Climate-Controlled Storage

These storage units will follow usually match or exceed the temperature of the surrounding area. Cost for these units are usually a little cheaper though since their are no additional amenities like climate control.

Access Level

Climate Control

These storage units are almost always inside of a larger building. Storage units within a building are usually located in a multi-level facility. Some access types you’ll see will include ground-level access and upper-level access.

Non Climate-Controlled Storage

These storage units are typically exterior access storage units, meaning they function more like a garage. The ability to drive or walk up to one is more convenient for some clients.


Climate Control

These units will always be higher.  In some cases up between 10%-20% over a non climate controlled unit.  This may not seem like the right option for you initially, but if you plan on storing expensive valuables in a storage unit, these units are usually always the best option to go with.

Non Climate-Controlled Storage

Is always the low-cost option.  It also maybe the only option available in your are.  Climate controlled facilities are not as widely spread across the United States as they are for Non Climate-Controlled storage units.  It is cheaper for a company to buy a plot of land and place units on it, then it is to build an entire facility around the storage units.  Some clients have reported storage units as low as $15/month!